Cultfinder Review



Black Thrashing Terror”



Cultfinder is a British metal band that combines traditional black metal with raw thrash metal. The result is an ambitious three song EP that shows off a small piece of what I believe this band is capable of. 2012’s Black Thrashing Terror is the second release by this three-piece group. This is a rouge collection of songs that is uncompromisingly vicious. Traditional fast, fuzzy riffs merge with explosive drumming to create a thrash metal vibe that is ferocious and cruel.


Mix that with blast beats, raspy vocals, and low-fi production and you have an EP that blends two different styles together very well. The problem with this EP is that it really does nothing you haven’t heard before. What it does it does well, but it does sound a little derivative. There is a bit of creativity lacking here, but with only three songs I won’t be too hard on them. This is a strong EP of killer blackened thrash metal. You won’t hear anything that will change the world of extreme metal, but Cultfinder fits in nicely. Hopefully they will expand on this style, because I think they have what it takes.




1. Black Thrashing Terror

2. Archangel Burial

3. Witching Curse




Necroskull – Bass

Wibeherit – Drums

Rob Belial – Guitars/Vocals



Rating: 7 out of 10


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