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Begun in 2005 as the trinity of E/A/C with the hunger to create true honest black metal. Played gigs through out Florida.


With the addition of a second guitarist the band grew to E/A/C/G and ventured out further playing more shows in Northern Florida as well as recording the debut album, “Apocalyptic Extermination was recorded in the summer of early 2007.


The band split in late 2007. Recognition was awarded after the album was finally released in late 2008.


A. put the band to rest and nothing happened between the members. A. went onto other workings such as Illuminati Serpenti which explored dissonant/doom styled black metal. This was a complete failure as the music was forced, uncreative and dull, and was ultimately trashed.


Took a break from music to focus more on spirituality, I unearthed the 218 current and began to unravel the mysteries of the anti-cosmic and chaos-gnostic beliefs of Satanism. More studies led to complete devotion to the black flame and the release of my own true spirit. I felt the fire burning inside my soul to once again create and perform the proper rituals for my dark gods.


During this time of dormancy, A begun working on the second album. Many demos were made to craft this magick into a complete spiritual journey. There was a very hard stagnation in the writing process which led to a dry spell of energy. A deep magickal connection was found in Akasha Wolfesblood and she graciously came into the band to create a dark current of energy, magick and a consistent flow of inspiration and ritualistic invocations.


The second album was born and completed but no title was given.


“The Wolves Gather…” was born after being inspired by the Thursatru/Dark Germanic Heathenism traditions.


Nocturnal magick and ancestral hymns of astral mysticism, and burning passion for the hunger I bear in my soul fuels the entity that is Cryptic Throne. To bring upon the essence of the inner flame burning within our hearts to unleash the shadowed spirit of the wulf inside.


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