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Creation Of The New World”


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Cryongenic Implosion is riffy moshy Death Metal from the Ukraine. They have their own intensity and brutality. Guttural Vocals with pounding guitars and drums. Consistent throughout the whole CD while only straying into instrumental once with Rev 6 13-14. While there is familiarity of elements no other bands came to mind while listening to Creation Of The New World. I like the whole CD, if anything stands out it is Delete Humanity because it give you the general theme of the band. You get  the sense they are not to keen on the global epidemic we all face called people, so kudos.




1. Kick-Off (Intro)

2. Delete Humanity

3. Collector of Dead Souls

4. Behind a Life Side

5. Rev. 6:13-14

6. Creation of the New World

7. Madness of Eternity

8. Mechanization of Heavenly Light




Presfer – Drums

Kadaamp – Guitars/Vocals

Basher – Guitars

Heretic – Bass



Rating: 8 out of 10

~Alaric Hannibal Barca

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