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What is impressive here is you can tell there is passion, and from just one band member Woton/Dante Inferi. There are four tracks here but one of them is an intro and not the strongest track. The last track is the strongest Lucifer Unbound. You can feel the emotion/rage for the subject matter. There is a sample from Hellraiser III while great runs to long on Descending Madness, which kind of overshadows the track. Without sounding like a producer, if he had chosen to just use the tale end of the dialoge “its sound is like razors through flesh” and then the song kicks in might have changed the whole tone. I think the Vocals on this CD are strong for this type of music, and while Woton does switch it up and get a little mellow for a minute I think the CD over all suffers a little for its lack of changes. There is something about the rawness and the level of the drums that I like and stand out. Not overly technical but complimentary. I love the name of the band Crowfather (Darksiders Reference) and I hope Dante keeps going.




1. Horns Toward Heaven in Defiance

2. Scorched in Retributions Flame

3. Descending Madness

4. Lucifer Unbound




Dante Inferi – All Instruments/Vocals



Rating: 6 out of 10


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