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Crowfather is a one piece Black Metal project created by [Wotan] now, Dante Inferi. Founded on December of 2012 and seeing a first release (PANDAEMONICON XIII) on March 20th 2013. It was originally slated to be a Death Metal project but quickly changed as the songs took shape and the content reflected more of an extreme Black Metal feel than anything else.



Raw Black Metal/ Doom with wide-ranging influences like the works of Crowley and Lovecraft to a more sublime and less ominous nod to Eastern mysticism. From legends and folklore to the seething animosity toward Abrahamic religions once spouted by LaVey. Every chord is a dissonant voice twisted by the world. Every wail is a war cry. A call to arms for the uprising of independent thought and freedom from the shackles of convenient morality shoved upon us by society.


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