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Some bands are not content to fit in with the crowd. The bands that can stretch their ability as players and songwriters will find themselves in a standard position for their genre. Meaning that they transcend others with their music and ability. Crowdburn is one such band. Keeping the tradition of great metal from Sweden alive and well. Crowdburn may get labeled as a thrash metal band. While it is true that much of the base of their sound comes from thrash metal, there are so many other influences that come together on their 2013 album Ignition. This is a very good record full of creative playing and very strong songs. At the helm there is the powerhouse singing of vocalist Aron. He can jump from hardcore to thrash to melodic death metal to clean flawlessly. He always finds just the right note for each song. His singing is impeccable. No matter what style the song requires, Aron gives a performance worthy of the best. Not to be outdone, the twin guitar attack of Choffe and Patrik weaves in and out giving us catchy, upbeat, but vicious songs. This is more than just another metal album. There is a deep layer to Ignition. If you only came to mosh, than Ignition has something for you, but if you really listen to how these songs are layered, the record reveals itself to be much more absorbing than just your standard thrash metal album. There are a lot of different emotions and feelings that will show themselves to those that really dissect this album. But the beauty of Ignition is that if you choose not to dissect the record it is still extremely enjoyable. It is this kind of subtlety that separates Ignition from it’s contemporaries. This is a high quality album, through and through.




1. Burning Crowd

2. Stars

3. Alligator

4. Pictures

5. Pray

6. Sign Away Your Life

7. Fire In The Hole

8. Spider’s Nest

9. Confronted

10. Solid Harbor In A Lonely Sea




Aron – Vocals
Choffe – Guitars
Patrik – Guitars
Jojje – Bass
Andreas – Drums



Rating: 9 out of 10


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