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In The Presence Of Death”


Crest Of Darkness - In the Presence of Death

There are top notch Black Metal vocals from Norwegian Crest Of Darkness vocalist Ingar Amlien here. The album starts of strong with In The Presence Of Darkness and while strong through out seems to really gives it’s all towards the end of the album with Womb Of The Wolf and From the Dead. Vampire Dreams almost sounds like a battle hymn. The vocals though are the unifier for me through out the CD. If you have not heard Crest of Darkness before I would compare them to Naglfar a bit for sound and intensity.




1. Intro

2. In the Presence of Darkness

3. Demon Child

4. Redemption

5. The Priest from Hell

6. Welcome to My Funeral

7. Womb of the Wolf

8. Vampire Dreams

9. From the Dead

10. The Day Before She Died




Ingar Amlien – Vocals/Bass/Guitars

Rebo – Guitars

Bernhard – Drums

Kristian Wentzel – Keyboards



Rating: 8 out of 10

~Alaric Hannibal Barca

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