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Countess is a Dutch band that has been unleashing metal music upon the world since 1992. In the band’s early days, there were constant line-up changes but nevertheless Countess managed to play live occasionally in the 1993-1997 period. Since 1998, however, the band was essentially a one-man project for a long time until sole member Orlok (vocals/bass) was rejoined by Zagan (guitars) in 2013.


Countess’ unique and harsh style of metal, characterized by an uncompromising loyalty to the old Heavy Metal and Black Metal traditions but by no means unoriginal, has certainly gone through changes over the years, but its essence has always remained the same. The most important influences of Countess are the old Black Metal legends like Venom, Bathory and Hellhammer and traditional Heavy Metal bands like Manowar and Manilla Road.


Countess released the band’s fourteenth full-length, ‘Ancient Lies And Battle Cries’, on April 9th through the band’s long-time label Barbarian Wrath. Meanwhile a new line-up is being put together for a return to the stage later this year.


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