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Symphonic black metal need a few elements to be truly successful. First and foremost, a grand symphonic sound, almost touching on power metal. Second, a powerful raspy singer to keep the sounds grounded in black metal. Third, it needs to make a solid attempt to transcend the genre. Not just fit in, but also carve a place within. Fourth, it needs to keep the thick black metal atmosphere. And finally, fifth and most importantly, it need to be really good. That matters more than anything else. Cosmic Infusion is a symphonic black metal band from India, and they easily have all five of these elements working on their 2013 self-titled EP. This is a deep and masterful EP that pushes the boundaries crossing almost toward power metal at times. But, always stays grounded in the roots of symphonic black metal. There I a lot of musical development that happens within each song and each song is a journey from start to finish. What starts out somber will twist and turn into something triumphant. Musically, this is a very grand EP with many different feeling and emotions coming through each song. But it is not afraid to incorporate a few aspects that define other metal genres (Cosmic Infusion, right). The song Burial of Thy Own, for example, has a strong, catchy clean sung chorus. The next song, titled journey, begins with a haunting melody that builds and builds. Eventually the darkness of the song emerges, but the haunting melody continues to play, giving the song a bittersweet feel that pulls the listeners emotions in two different ways. This EP wants to play you. With five songs and stretching two minutes past the thirty minute mark. This is a dense EP that will drain you and leave you wanting more. Always captivating, symphonic black metal does not get much better than this.




1. Acronycal Eloge

2. Burial of Thy Own

3. Journey

4. Gothika

5. Crepheu – Bringer of the End




Aakash Vagarya – Bass

Mikir Bhende – Drums

Nakul – Guitars

Amnish Lohire – Guitars

Sushan Shetty – Vocals/Keyboards



Rating: 9 out of 10


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