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Cosmic Funeral is a Turkish black metal band from Ankara (Turkey), formed in 2009 by Iskit. Band name formed by Limbonic Art’s song “Cosmic Funeral Of Memories” and death universe theme is used. The Band Released “From Ashes To Fire” demo in 2009 which contains 4 songs.

From Ashes To Fire:
1. Hymn Sovereignty Of Darkness
2. Where Angels Fear To Tread
3. Doomsday
4. Plague Of Hearts

Demo recorded home environment and took positive inputs. The Group uses raw black metal elements with adding melodies and symbolic elements. In 2011 Macbeth (Circumsolar) ve Gitarist Mythlous (Ex-Dark Ritual) joined band. Godless War To Eternity promo song released and it took part in Extreminal Webzine’s Metal Mu-sick Compilation Vol II Album. In August drummer Onur Uslu (Purgatory), keyboardist Ali Vural and vocalist Caner Aslanı joined band . Between October 2011 and March 2012. The Band completed recordings in Logos Studios. Mixed and Mastered by Emrah Ağdan (Zoo). Band worked with Bahrull Marta for artwork ( ). Promo photos took by Tuncay Aktuna. In May 2012 “Godless War To Eternity” EP Released.

Godless War To Eternity:
01. The Prophecy
02. Doomsday
03. Negligence Of Centruies
04. Godless War To Eternity
05. Serenade To Fallen

Cosmic Funeral generally writes songs about; dark, death universe and eternal nothingness. After EP released vocalist Murat Erdoğan (A’khuilon) joined band ranks.

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