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Wicked unforgiving metal. Their official page claims they are sludge and I believe that. The music is easy to follow and doesn’t bore you out, having enough variances in their riffs to satisfy but the most intricate of listeners. Not to mention they have the rhythm that one would love to headbang to for a whole gig. I’m glad that it’s a band which puts a respectable push towards their bass guitar, making it actually audible. The vocals are not over the top or the most extreme, and they are quite in place with the rest of the music.


The mix is fitting with sludge, it sounds dirty but not excessively raw. One can listen to every note plucked. The vocals are not excessively forward, and the guitars are well placed in the riff, could be a tad louder though. A lot of emphasis was done on the snare but it adds an atmosphere to the release.


So, we have a decent release, not excessively long and quite varied to satisfy most ears. So what happened with the artwork? It is minimal for sure, a demon/thinker and a very contemporary looking logo. The logo’s aesthetics theme does not fit with the artwork. I also couldn’t help but notice that the background color does not match the artwork as if they are a poor paint copy-paste. Maybe it will not be visible on printed CD but printed CD’s are slowly dying out, and for who looks at an online brochure will not quickly consider this release, which is a pity because the music shows much more skill and effort.


Will, I listen to it again? I think so, yes. I think it’s overall a good release, sounds good and is a good companion for the road as I have felt.



1. True Knot

2. Seventeen

3. Helland

4. Tragedy

5. Poetry and Madness

6. Son of the Dragon

7. Countess Bathory


Favourite Track is #5




Ryan Parks – lead vocals & guitars
Alan Evans – bass and vocals
Gregg Drummond – drums & backing vocals



Rating: 8 out of 10


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