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Cold Steel - America Idle

People always complain about remakes. Those people are usually old and have seen the original. Somehow this gives them an advantage for which they will banter on endlessly so they can seem smart but are really just being condescending. Is Cold Steel a remake? Well they are not the original but they are good. They have a passion for what they play, but if you have heard Sacred Reich and Anthrax you have heard Cold Steel. The playing is reasonably tight and the vocals are strong.  While Cold Steel may have not re-inveted the wheel and be on the verge of recreating a new thrash era it is a good listen.




1. American Idle

2. Blood Secrets

3. You Lose!

4. Blink of an Eye

5. Ashes to Ashes




Rick Lopez – Bass

Troy Norr – Vocals

Hal Aponte – Drums

Eddie Campbell – Guitars

Fed Canelos – Guitars



Rating: 7 out of 10

~Alaric Hannibal Barca

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