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The Horrid Swarm”


Cognitive- the horrid swarm

Cognitive is a death metal band from New Jersey. The Horrid Swarm is a 5 Track EP from this band. The songs are very well written the vocalist definitely does his “growling” pitches very well. I would definitely recommend this EP to all you Technical Death Metal lovers out there. The few tracks off this EP that stick out to me are Numbered and Slaughtered as well as the album title The Horrid Swarm.



1. In the Form of a Drone

2. Falling Skies

3. Numbered and Slaughtered

4. Essence Oblivion

5. The Horrid Swarm



Rob Wharton – Guitars

Scheenier Ramirez – Vocals

Pete Ware – Bass

Mike Castro – Drums


Rating: 8 out of 10


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