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The Devil Builds”


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Of all the different types of extreme metal, I find death metal can be the most monotonous. Some death metal bands seem content to copy the last band in the death metal genre rather than strive toward perfecting the genre. So when I come an across a band like Chton, I can’t help but smile. Chton is that death metal band that is not content to fit in, but rather become the reference standard for the genre. This Norwegian band’s 2012 full-length release titled The Devil Builds is a dynamic and flowing death metal experience. It never crosses the boarders of death metal, but instead exists within. This is a heavy album that never sacrifices its song quality. I can’t help but be reminded of fellow Norwegian death metal masters Keep of Kalessin. Songs flow organically for Chton and you never get a sense that the band is forcing a heavy sound just for the sake of being heavy. Never saying “hey we are death metal, better make it heavy. Who is the biggest band in the genre right now? Lets sound like them.” Sure, the death metal traits are all here. The deep, growling singing, the sharp chugging guitar attack, tight blasting drumming, all here and done remarkably well. But the songs always come first. Songs like Lord and Master might throw you back to early Morbid Angel. Other sons like Nithon Undertow have a slower, more methodical, ominous pace to them. And the fun and upbeat Ratbag has more of a punk beat to it. Ratbag also happens to be a cover of the Abscess song. It all culminates with the albums final song Babalon and the Beast Conjoined. This happens to be the records longest song and flows well as a combination of all the best of the record. This is a great, varied death metal album that goes beyond standard while never trying to become something more than death metal. Most other death metal bands could learn a thing or two from Chton.




1. Faustian Resolve

2. Scavenger of a Dead World

3. Gods of the Flesh

4. Rise Black God

5. Death Awaits

6. Contagion (The Disease)

7. Lord and Master

8. Nithon Undertow

9. Ratbag (Abscess cover)

10. Babalon and the Beast Conjoined




Ola Langli – Bass

Torstein Parelius – Guitars

Oyvind – Guitars

Espen Hektoen – Drums

Craig Furunes – Vocals



Rating: 8.5 out of 10


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