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Summoning Black Gods”


Chapel Of Disease - Summoning Black Gods

For the most part I like Summoning Black Gods, thrashy rhythms, grindy vocals that fit and are not showy. Even if they are not specifically calling Cthulu there is the Lovecraftian factor invoked thematically. Where it kind of goes wrong for me, and I hate to be critical is the arrangements of the songs. There is an old music maxim attributed to Wagner that is called Storm and Drang. Basically Tension and release. I sort of felt like a I got the release and then the tension. Overall though there is a lot to enjoy here. Exili’s Herritage has some real Exodus overtones and stands out a little more than the rest. Dead Spheres is where I noticed the sort of need for a producer to work a little magic on arrangement. For sound and just plain aggression I would still highly recommend giving them a listen.




1. Summoning Black Gods

2. Descend to the Tomb

3. Dead Spheres

4. Evocation of the Father

5. The Nameless City

6. Hymns of the New Land

7. Exili’s Heritage

8. The Loved Dead




Christian Krieger – Bass

David Dankert – Drums

Cedric Teubl – Guitars

Laurent Teubl – Vocals/Guitars



Rating: 7 out or 10

~Alaric Hannibal Barca

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