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What little I know of France is contained to bits about the Reign of Terror and Napoleon. They have in the modern era a reputation of kowtowing and surrendering so Chabtan is a surprise. What the fuck are they so pissed off at? I don’t know but it has given us a brutal heavy album with serious repeatability. I had listened to Divine Vengeance three times in a row before I realized shit I need to go to the next track, which is Bloodstained Hate. This is another track I let play over and over. They are listed as a deathcore band, and while I would not pigeonhole them I would put them more on the side of a band like Aborted, which they don’t sound like for assault and heaviness as opposed to say Bring Me The Horizon. I think they naysayers of new bands who make marginalizing claims about today’s music underestimate how awesome and serious it is that a band can create and keep this level of intensity. There are many bands that fall into what I call “eddie trunk” or bourgeois metal category. Bands that write a couple of strong tracks and then you want to throw the rest of the album away. This is not one of those, and many of the bands I have reviewed have the strength and integrity to make it all count. Chabtan is balls to the walls metal. I love the vocals, all the layers and the dynamics. The production is complimentary to all of the musicians.




1. Cult of Blood

2. This Day Is Red

3. Betrayer

4. Divine Vengeance

5. Bloodstained Hate

6. Nacon

7. Worshipping Death

8. Eleven




Laurent Gasperetii – Bass

Yanis Bergheul – Drums

Christofer Rousseau – Vocals

Dimitri Merly – Guitars

Jean-Philippe Porteux – Guitars



Rating: 10 out of 10

~Alaric Hannibal Barca

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