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Cephalic Carnage
“Conforming to Abnormality”
1998, Headfucker Records

Cephalic Carnage - Conforming to Abnormality

Wow, they smoke weed! That’s crazy! An excellent display of grinding talent and a slightly deviant exploration of the Death/Grind genre, Cephalic Carnage stays aggressively true to their message, but the grinding and breakdown segments are the only plus to this CD. Unfortunately, the abundant use of marijuana is hardly a topic that conveys any sort of imposing or oracular statement. Innovative attempts carry their risks, and this is one of its failed byproducts. The production is tight and there is plenty of silly variation to the music, samples, and vocals, but not fitting enough for my tastes. Wow, I drink beer! That’s crazy! I think I will write a song about it.



1. Anechoic Chamber

2. Jihad

3. Analytical

4. Wither

5. Regalos de Mota

6. Extreme of Paranoia

7. A.Z.T.

8. Waiting for the Millennium







Steve Goldberg – Guitars

Leonard “Lenzig” Leal – Vocals

Jawsh Mullen – Bass/Vocals

John Merryman – Drums



Rating: 6 out of 10


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