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A long, long time ago in a basement you dont need to know about, there grew some marijuana. And after about six weeks it turned into buds. And from those buds many bands have been formed. One of them was CEPHALIC CARNAGE.

In 1992 Zac and Lenzig began their search for the perfect buds. Through smoking several different types of buds (with little or no high). They had not found the perfect buds. In the harvest of 1996 John and Steve were also looking for good buds. One day at a local pub (across the street from a local low rider bicycke shop), there was a gathering of heads smoking buds. At this pub Zac and Lenzig had good buds. John and Steve also had good buds. They got stoned. They got really stoned. They got stoned like fuck.

In conjunction with their stoned weed smoking they…they…fuck, I forgot what in the fuck I was talking about, you see thats the problem with weed. God, I hate it when this shit happens. FUCK!!! Anyway in the same harvest of 96′ they had smoked enough good buds to release a six song demo called “Fortuitous Oddity” with former fellow good bud smoker Doug.

In the pre-cultivation of 1997 CEPHALIC CARNAGE wanted to smoke good buds with other people around the country. So they took their act on the road. To the west coast and Mexico with WICKED INNOCENCE for three weeks. Odelay they got stoned like fuck.

During the photo-period of 97′ Joe from LAUGHING DOG smoked his buds with CEPAHLIC CARNAGE. They brought their good buds to the metal fest in Milwaukee. They got stone like fuck. And back in the homegrown land of Colorado, CEPHALIC CARNAGE smoked good buds with Headfucker records (from Italy). And Headfucker decided that everyone should taste CEPHALIC’s good buds. So as we speak they are cultivating their good buds to be hung, dried and quartered to hit the streets by July of 1998. In January 1999, they finally added a bass player named Jawsh, he kills too.

CEPHALIC CARNAGE would like to smoke good buds with everyone. If you would like to taste CEPHALIC’s good buds contact them at:


P.O. Box 140689

Edgewater, CO 80214 USA

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