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Summon: How did the band get started? How long you been together?

Steve: Cephalic has been together since 92′. Lenzing and Zac are the only 2 original members. John and I joined in the fall of 96′ and Josh joined at the beginning of this year.



Summon: Describe your music?

Steve: We call our style hydrogrind, we are a grind/death band, but we don’t limit ourself just to that. We try and experiment with sounds and strange shit to add to it, to keep it from getting redundant.



Summon: Has your music changed much since 92?

Steve: Oh yeah, of course its changed, its almost a whole new line up, each song we write changes from the next one. At least we try.



Summon: How has the response been?

Steve: We’ve had a generally good response, we’ve done a lot of ground work to get our name out. So far Cephalic has done 4 tours, and multiple fests around the states.



Summon: Where did you get the band name from?

Steve: I’m not sure, I think Lenzig was looking through a medical dictionary one day, and thought of it.



Summon: How many demo’s have you guys done before the CD?

Steve: Cephalic has released 2 demos. In 94, I think, maybe 95. We released a “Scrape My Lungs” demo, and in 97′ there was a “Fortuitous Oddity” demo.



Summon: Tell me briefly about the songs on the demos.

Steve: The “Scrape demo……” is all with the old line-up, we have learned a couple of the songs, but rarely play them. We still play all of the songs off the “Fortuitous…..” demo. Three of the songs appear on the CD, and one of them “Hybrid” will appear most likely on the 2nd full length.



Summon: When are you guys gonna record a new CD?

Steve: We plan on recording in Nov/Dec for a spring release, in the meanwhile we have a couple 7″‘s coming out, one is already out on Headfucker Records with Impaled.



Summon: Tell me about the 7″‘s

Steve: What do you want to know?



Summon: Tell me about the songs on it?

Steve: Well both 7″‘s will be released through Headfucker, like I said the one is already out with Impaled. Both 7″‘s contain 2 new tracks each, the one with Impaled, the songs are called “Observer” and “Adnauseam, Regurgitated Fecal Decay. So please dish out some cash and write to the label or us for copies.



Summon: Who writes the majority of the music and lyrics?

Steve: Me and Zac write most of the music, Jawsh has started to write now that hes been in the band for a while. Lenzig even turns out some riffs now and then that we use. Lenzig and Zac write all of the lyrics.



Summon: Where do they come up with the lyrics ideas if you know?

Steve: I have no clue, Lenzig is a strange individual and comes up with some pretty whacked out shit, you’d have to ask him.



Summon: You guys are a great band live… How would describe your live shows to someone who hasn’t seen you live yet?

Steve: We just try and go nuts on stage. I’m not sure how I could explain it.



Summon: Have you guys ever played in another country?

Steve: Just Mexico, we’ve been to Juarez 4 times, and Chihuahua once. Every show there has been intense, the heads out there go insane for metal.



Summon: How big of crowd shows up at shows usually?

Steve: It depends on the show. Some local ones have been ultra week and there is no one there. Other shows, its been so packed that you cant even breathe or move, it varies.



Summon: How is the crowd response when you play?

Steve: Depends on how drunk they are.



Summon: Mosh pits huh?

Steve: If there’s enough booze there, sometimes.  When we are lucky.



Summon: How did you guys like playing Milwaukee this year?

Steve: It was excellent, we had a great time, and we didn’t really have to compete with any bands with the same style. It was our 4th year playing at Milwaukee, and we hope to able to play next year too.



Summon: Awesome!! What does the future hold for the band?

Steve: Hopefully a lot of touring and successful releases.

Summon: Well I will wish you luck Your BAND is great Steve. Thank you the interview!!





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