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Cardinal's Folly - Strange Conflicts of the Past

When I started playing Cardinal’s Folly I thought of Bloody Hammers and Devil. There has been a progressively larger group of bands really cultivating 70’s doom grooves in recent years. But in actuality if I was to compare the sound of Cardinal’s Folly to anything it would be a hybrid of old Danzig combined with Bauhaus. If you think about it, it could work. Karnstein‘s vocals though are not quite on par with Danzig’s but there are moments of similarity that do happen throughout the CD. The band claims to be influenced by the Master HP Lovecraft and the curmudgeon Dennis Wheatley, curmudgeon being my word since he hated, feared and bitched endlessly about anything Satanic for which most of his books were about. The stand out track for me is The Model, and I really like Rasputin but the CD grew on me the more I listened to it. This isn’t in your face metal but I like it. There is a really cool atmosphere here which gives credence to the assertion of their literary inspirations.




1. Intro

2. Right Hand of Doom

3. Rasputin (The Mad Monk)

4. Serpent Nights

5. Opening Ceremony

6. Blood Axis Raiders

7. Cardinals Folly

8. They Found Atlantis

9. The Model (Kraftwerk cover)

10. Transmission from the Mad Arab




Mikko Kaarainen – Bass/Vocals

Juho Kilpela – Guitars

Joni Takkunen – Drums



Rating: 9 out of 10

~Alaric Hannibal Barca



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