Carcariass Review



13 Track Album

Great Dane Records

Release Date: 1st March 2016

By: Pagan Hel


Carcariass – Les Montets, Switzerland


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Genre: Melodic Technical Death Metal

The melodic vibe that runs through the opening track Chaos and Decay really packs a hard solid punch to the nether regions and leaves one feeling the consequences without a doubt! It’s unusual as it doesn’t follow the path of traditional tech death and has this charming vocal showing a fierce and unbridled passion of chants along with a nimble fingered guitarist that paves the way in dexterity for sure!

In Cold Blood anchors the way with a rock steady beat and unyielding riffs that mesmerise with spice and all things precise! It is an amazing track that just rewards with thrilling endeavour. The slices of melodic creativity are unending and punishing to the very last inch of their life!

Where bass and guitar come into their own, well at least at the start of this huge slab of metal! Domination owns some very technical traits that flow with extreme heat and intensity. Again the melody slices through the powerful riffs where a tremendous hook line and a familiar throaty growl can be heard, it is only then that the drums shine through and steal the show with some fantastic battering’s and is indeed one addictive track to behold!!

Exulting Pain executes some amazing sounds as the instruments go into battle for supremacy! The melody is rounded and the riffs jagged and punchy with a subtle bass hook and tempered beats. Fast edgy and predacious this track has everything going on all at once and is a superb instrumental.

This track holds an edgy and wild rhythm. Its title Revenger conjures up very clear pictures in one’s head as it plays out. The exhausting melodic hues linger in the air as the abusive vocal madness gargles through its paces, with a riff that’s not far behind.

Threshold to Madness is rather intense and broods into a melodic frenzy that hits the ground running! The rapaciousness keeps on hitting over and over again until fever pitch is in sight and only fuel injected grooves are left.

Dying Today has a forthright beat and although has a melodic rancour running through it isn’t as catchy as some of the previous tracks, however it is a lot heavier in execution. The vocals are indeed passionate along with the riffs that are savage and brutal without a doubt!

E-Xtinction the bands title track goes in for a sinister attack on the fretboard and seeks attention through a run of serious riffage that will no doubt leave a few fingers blistered and on fire! It unleashes some fierce beats and solid bass hooks that ignite its air of imagination.

Chaos and Decay (Instrumental) allows the listener to focus on the superb strings as they are played out to an exhausting rhythm of well thought out notes. The thunderous power that exudes from the speakers is really thought-provoking!

Domination (Instrumental) the track begins the way it does in the previous track early on minus vocals of course – no disrespect to Raphaël what so ever but this track deserves to be musically savoured and digested for its melodic riffs that are just so addictive! Both are my favourite tracks because of that melodic slice of sheer genius running through its veins! Incredible!! Basking in its glory!

Revenger (Instrumental) the crisp clear tones of this track are mesmerising. The smooth melodic ebb and flow glides unconditionally and leaves one with a refreshed outlook. Another compelling track that is enticing and versatile.

Dying Today (Instrumental) this track twists and turns with plenty of dark edged vibes, teasing and taunting the listener with thunderous beats and strong rhythms, and can also be deemed creative and imaginative.

Void Attraction (Instrumental) is a more dream-like composition that swirls into a darker and more profound drama. It suddenly throws out a heavier melodic hue which engulfs the ears and throws them into turmoil.

The whole album is just sheer genius! There is no other word for it Carcariass are just the masters of melo tech death without a doubt! Stirring, creative, imaginative these guys are everything a good band should be. They will leave you revelling in pure musical gold!






Track List:

Chaos and Decay

In Cold Blood


Exulting Pain


Threshold to Madness

Dying Today


Bonus Tracks:

Chaos and Decay (Instrumental)

Domination (Instrumental)

Revenger (Instrumental)

Dying Today (Instrumental

Void Attraction (Instrumental)




Raphaël Couturier – Bass & Vocals

Pascal Lanquetin – Lead Guitars

Fred Buschenrieder – Rhythm Guitars

Bertrand Simonin – Drums


Killing Process

12 Track Album

Great Dane Records

Release Date: 20th May 2016


Carcariass – France



Produced by Stephane BURIEZ at LB LAB

Engineered by Stephane BURIEZ & Francois JAMIN

Mixed by Stephane BURIEZ

Studio assistant Gregoire SAINT-MAXIN & ARNOFLAGO

Mastered by Jean Pierre BOUQUET at L AUTRE STUDIO

Music & lyrics by CARCARIASS

Cover by BONES (Olivier SALIN)

Concept digipack by Coraline & Raphael from GREAT DANE RECORDS

Revenger & Domination: vocals mixed by DROP at DOWNTONE STUDIO


Revenger & Domination songs on Ex-tinction album CARCARIASS


Genre: Technical Death Metal

The name Carcariass comes from Carcharodon Carcharias, the Latin name of the great white shark, which gives you some idea of what is contained on this CD.

The first track ‘Watery Grave’ takes the audial by storm with a run of magical notes that explode into a metal chug, gouging deeply and then burrowing feverishly, accompanied by a harsh throaty vocal edge that screams vengeance! Not a bad start, plus there is a certain amount of melody that keeps it focused and of course plenty of technical prowess which oozes from its very core.

The second track ‘Tragical End’ is but a blur as the frets are established and come into their own. The sonic beats and perpetual rhythms are engaging and bordering on absolute madness. ‘Killing Process’ the bands title track is a seething mass of riffs that swamp the senses with overwhelming ferocity, as it chugs away to its heart content – this instrumental is simply stunning! ‘Mortal Climb’ is a lot harder edge and bounces with vehement agitation. Its epidemic of riffs brood with outstanding and excitable qualities. ‘Earth in Sorrow’ stirs up emotions with one of their most heartfelt offerings yet, but sadly is only one minute and five seconds long, so not enough time to fully engage. ‘Winds of Death’ endeavours to create a potent, coaxing persuasion that licks the ears with pleasing sounds. Eagerly biting with intense lures that demand attention, and don’t forget that passionate vocal barrage, it’s all too addictive for words! ‘Burn in Peace’ is another brooding track that embellishes the senses with a forthright rhythm oozing in skilfully raw intensity, all be it a little repetitive, but under its layers is a superb track that feeds a hungry imagination. ‘Under Concrete’ smouldering tones burn fiercely and makes way for another superb encounter of tech metal with melody! Conjuring up an atmospheric saga. ‘Lost in Agony’ is inspired by a dream-like structure of riffs that compel, with subsequent steely imagination holding flirtatious rhythms and is a whole lot more than just an epic track. ‘Sideral Torment’ rewards the listener with some deep emotional riffs that bonds them to the music like superglue. Its chugs are ferocious and untamed. This remastered track takes no prisoners and is heartily virulent with its wind tunnel vocal supremacy. ‘Revender’ is a well-balanced track that goes in with its eyes open and all guns blazing! Its melodic heart is stunning as well as alluring with rumbustious rhythms that are catchy and holding plenty of addictive qualities that will make your head spin let alone bang! ‘Domination’ is a spindly track consisting of bass from the off and then runs into a climate of pure bristling riffs that again are excitable and flirtatious.

This is certainly one album to get excited about providing you love technical death metal – if not you lose! The whole album evolves before your ears, holding extreme catchiness, power and methodical riffs that gallantly engage – no reason not to buy this amazing album unless you are tone deaf!

“This album will rip you to shreds, guaranteed!”




Track List:

Watery Grave

Tragical End

Killing Process

Mortal Climb

Earth in Sorrow

Winds of Death

Burn in Peace

Under Concrete

Lost in Agony

Bonus Tracks:

Sideral Torment





Bertrand Simonin – Drums

Pascal Lanquetin – Lead Guitar

Raphaël Couturier – Vocals, Bass

Jérôme Lachenal – Rhythm Guitar

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