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Summon: Tell me about the band history. How you got together and how long you been together?

Paul: Started in Buffalo, NY in Dec of ’88. From the remnants of 2 bands. Tirant Sin and Beyond Death.


Summon: How would you describe your music to those who haven’t heard it?

Paul: Extreme heavy metal


Summon: How did you come up with the band name?

Paul: Alex the bassist came into practice one day and said how about “Cannibal Corpse”. It stuck.


Summon: Who writes the majority of the music and lyrics?

Paul: Alex, Pat and Jack (the guitarists and bassist) write the music. Alex and me (Paul) write the lyrics.


Summon: And where do you get the lyrics ideas from?

Paul: The imagination mostly.


Summon: Tell me about the new album…. when will it be out and whats the name of it?

Paul: In stores October 19th “Bloodthirst”.


Summon: What are some of the song on it gonna be?

Paul: Pounded Into Dust…..Dead Human Collection….Coffinfeeder…..Blowtorch Slaughter….

The Spine Splitter.


Summon: In your opinion which CD is the best?

Paul: Our last one “Gallary of Suicide” until this one comes out.


Summon: Why did you guys change “Created to Kill” to “Vile”?

Paul: When we kicked Barnes out, we severed all ties with him. He came up with “Created to Kill “. So we changed the title, his lyrics, and a few song titles too.


Summon: What are some of your favorite horror movies? And have they influenced you at all?

Paul: Evil Dead…Day of the Dead…directors like Fulci, Romero, Argento….they definitely influenced us in some way.


Summon: Did you guys like doing your promo video or were they just a big pain in the ass?

Paul: It actually was a lot of fun.


Summon: Would you guys ever do another home video?

Paul: There is talk of doing one very soon….it should happen…maybe for release in April or May.


Summon: How was the last tour? Did you play with some really good bands?

Paul: Yeah…it was pretty cool….Dark Funeral and Infernal Majesty in Europe.


Summon: Do you have plans to tour once the CD is released? If so what will they be?

Paul: Yes….the only thing in stone right now is in October. We will tour with Defleshed and Aeturnus in Europe.


Summon: Are there any bands that opened for you that left a really good impression on you?

If so who?

Paul: Not really.… I really never see the opening bands.


Summon: Describe what you guys are like when you play live?

Paul: Very energetic…… Not much of a show….we just play…


Summon: What are some of your fave songs to play?

Paul: I dunno….Hammer Smashed Face. I like them all!!!!!!


Summon: If you were to make a perfect show what bands would you have playing?

Paul: Slayer (old), Metallica (old), and Cannibal Corpse.


Summon: In your opinion how has the band progressed over the years?

Paul: We have become better songwriters and we are more crafted at our instruments. Still pure death metal.


Summon: What does the future hold for the band?

Paul: We take it one day at a time……. More of the same!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Summon: Good luck on the recording and the touring….. thank you for the interview!!

Paul: Thank you and good luck with the zine………..


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