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Horror Metal”


Cadaveria - Horror Metal


In my ears is Cadaveria’s 2012 release “Horror Metal”. First off, I would like to say this kind of music isn’t normally my thing. However, I do find myself able to listen to this without skipping songs! They jump between gothic, black and even some straight out chunky metal. I am quickly reminded of Madder Mortem, Lacuna Coil and Arch Enemy……mostly in the vocal department. I’ll keep this around when I’m in the mood for this style of music.


1. Flowers in Fire

2. The Night’s Theatre

3. Death Vision

4. Whispers of Sin

5. Assassin

6. The Days of the After and Behind

7. Apocalypse

8. The Oracle (of the Fog)

9. Requiem

10. This Is Not the Silence

11. Hypnotic Psychosis



Marcelo Santos – Drums

Frank Booth – Guitars

Cadaveria – Vocals

Dick Laurent – Guitars

Killer Bob – Bass


Rating: 7 out 10

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