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In the winter of 2007 The foundations of Burning Bethlehem were forged with the creation of Nokturnal Frost. The music consisted of Nokturn and Skorm creating improvised tracks that were recorded, produced and released on the first take. The Unholy Path to Hell and the “Demo” were created under that banner until 2010 when they decided to change the band name to Burning Bethlehem. At this time the band decided to recruit other band members and began playing live shows. In 2012 the Unholy Path to Hell was re-recorded and refined from the original version. The album was hastily self-recorded on an extremely low budget. It was recorded this way to create an authentic and “real” feeling to it. but mostly to give the fans a physical copy of Burning Bethlehem’s music. At this point in time the band was more focused on playing live shows instead of polishing the record merely too keep up with modern production standards. The Unholy Path to Hell would only serve as a glimpse of the beast that would soon awaken. A new album, entitled Black Ritual is currently in the works. This album will be far greater in production, intricacy and ferocity than anything the band has yet released. Burning Bethlehem’s musical focus is based on raw energy and chaos with some spiritual elements. Influences derive from a wide range of music and Ideologies. One thing for certain is that the band’s music aims to create an atmosphere of chaos and power. Some musical resemblance is found in older thrash metal bands, as well as black and death metal influences. The name Burning Bethlehem represents a rebellion against religious dogma and a declaration of war against organized religion.


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