Burn After Me Review


Burn After Me


12 Track Album

Release Date: 23rd September 2016


Written for Blackened Horde Zine

By: Pagan Hel


Burn After Me – Arona, Tenerife, Spain




Genre: Nu-Metal

So Tenerife is not just for sun worshippers and the usual yearly holiday goers who like to dance the night away, for this is the hometown of quintet Burn After Me who are due to launch their new album “Aeon” on the 23rd September just a few days away.

This is quite experimental for Nu-Metal but at least it’s unique, in the way it builds up and gives out that air of agitation. As soon as the thunderous throaty gruff vocal appears it’s evident that the band have chosen Nu-Metal as their path, but with added extras!

The second track ‘Chasm’ holds some haunting keys and has dream-like qualities if only for a brief period, the rest of the time it goes on the rampage and is extremely excitable. As the tracks unfold it is pretty clear what Burn After Me are all about and that is the cataclysmic pulverisation of riffs as they expand mischievously through the speaker units and obliterate the senses.

The large hearty slabs of metal are dramatic and bordering on the edge of insane! Pulsing rhythms soar and bass hooks lick with regular magnitude, along with heartfelt growling vocal tones that undulate vehemently – nobody could say the band haven’t put every ounce of aggression into making this album what it is and that is – magnificent!

It isn’t all-out rage and aggression either, as there are some pleasant uplifting slices of melody and haunting notes that add to the depth of the tracks giving it that oomph factor!

Unmercifully individual and creative there is an awful lot to get your lobes around from Burn After Me as they have brought Nu-Metal up a notch and incorporated a superb experimental feel as well as adding in an epic all-round sound that defies belief!

It’s defiant, forthright and hosts roaring qualities that captivate and engage on all levels. In fact it’s another step forward to yet another sub-genre, but I don’t think many could or would complain about this one!




Track List:





Head Browned

Sewn Shut Eyes

Right Fit

Chaste Kiss


Fixed Stars





Roberto Frigo – Vocals

Niccolò Dagradi – Guitar

Simone Folino – Guitar

Jacopo Scopel – Bass

Luca Peruzzotti – Drums

Blackened Horde Zine © 2015