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Burial Vault - Incendium

This is melodic Death Metal with progressive sensibilities. There are reminiscences of Black Metal with the vocals and dissonant guitar sounds. I like that it is riffy at times with lots of tempo changes. The singer Raimund Ennenga goes through the full gamut of vocal stying from growls to fa la la singing on Peculiar. Incendium uses ideas from Ray Bradbury’s book Fahrenheit 451, the temperature when books begin to burn, as a theme lyrically and not as a concept album per se. Burial Vault hails form Germany, a land sort of famous for book burning. Musically Burial Vault I think wants the listener to take away that they are on the intellectual side lyrically and musically as many progressive type outfits do.  It works though, without being heavy handed. The melodic side of Incendium grows on you with repeat listening.




1. The Stench of Burning Thoughts

2. A Blind Follower and a Watchful Hound

3. Soil & Green

4. Peculiar

5. The Nightly Horror

6. Prelude to Peripety

7. Fatal Accident

8. Struggling Doubt

9. Moment of Truth

10. Awarness

11. Surveillance Web

12. Catharsis

13. Black into White







Tobias Schaub – Lead Guitars/Keyboards

Raimund Emnenga – Vocals/Growls

Immo Groeneveld – Drums

David Speckmann – Bass

Richard Kaiser – Rhythm Guitars



Rating: 8 out of 10

~Alaric Hannibal Barca

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