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Broken Silence

Broken Silence”



Florida rockers, Broken Silence, deliver raw vocals and steadfast hard tunes that are sure to draw attention and produce (at minimum) a tapping foot to fans of alternative rock.


It should be noted that the harmonizing of band members throughout the EP is a key factor of enjoyment when listening to Broken Silence, as harmonizing is impressive and somewhat rare in alternative rock. This factor in their music sells the idea that these musicians are doing their best to give you their all.

Opening track, ‘Push, Pull’ serves us a well-rounded understanding of the concepts and influences brought into the music that drive Broken Silence. The band Tool, are obviously a major driving force for this band and the intonating vocals are clear to produce that feeling. Regardless, the lyrics are emotional and close, which should be a positive factor in finding commonalities between the two groups and help echo with fans personally.

‘Blaming Game’ has a cool opening and really gives drummer, Steve MacDonald, a moment to effectively shine during the track. The streamlined vocals, both clean and growling have impact and force behind them. Very reminiscent tones of Linkin Park come from this song, and without much recognizing effort on the listener’s part.

Guitarist, Israel Rosario and bassist Pall Bryin, really come through on the track ‘Broken’, giving it a sweet and soft opening that whips into to a kick-ass barreling hook. It lends a real loaded feel to the tune while keeping the dispiriting feeling of the lyrics steady.

From the start of this EP it is very clear where Broken Silence’s influences stem from and in a way it creates their downfall from within. Amidst the marketable sound they turn out, you already know what you’re getting because this isn’t the first time you’ve heard it… even though it is. The harmonizing is good to hear, but not enough to make this band stand out on their own with the outdated tone some of the songs produce. Another issue lied in the fact that throughout the EP, the clean vocals seem to be mixed a little too high, drowning out and overpowering the other band members.

While this is a solid group of musicians with cool ideas and structure, unfortunately the current EP gets lost in the shuffle and comes off as just another band.




1. Push/Pull

2. Faded Sands

3. Blaming Game

4. Broken




Israel Rosario – Vocals/guitar/production
Steve MacDonald – Drums/vocals
Pall Bryin – Bass/vocals

Rating: 4 out of 10


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