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Italy has once again made a contribution to death metal. Bloodtruth is an Italian brutal death metal band, but as brutal as they are, I would say they are more akin to technical death metal. Bloodtruth’s 2012 promo is a slick demo containing only two songs, but these are two vicious death metal songs. The technical aspects shine brightest through drummer Giacomo Torti. He puts on a clinic of death metal drumming that is simply amazing. His double bass kicking sounds like an assault rifle, and he can jump time signatures with great precision. His snare drum has great pop to it. Everyone playing on these to songs has noteworthy moments, but it is really the fantastic drum work that you will come away remembering. At times he might sound like he is over playing a bit, but it works well with how these songs move. Perhaps it is difficult to judge a band by a two-song demo, but I can hear Bloodtruth know what they are doing. There is creative playing on these two songs. Their future is up to them. It is obvious to me that Bloodtruth have the potential. These two songs are a good start, but I can hear that Bloodtruth has more to share with the world. I hope we get a chance to hear what they can really do.




1. Coerced to Serve

2. Suppurating of Deception




Luigi Valenti – Vocals

Stefano Rossi Ciucci – Guitars

Riccardo Rogari – Bass

Giacomo Torti – Drums



Rating: 7 out of 10


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