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Bloodstrike hail from Denver, Colorado, the land of Green (and I’m not talking about money here either) and with this their 2014 demo ” Necrobirth) they have produced a pretty average 3 track Death Metal demo.


Now this is where the problem lies, I love 90’s Death Metal as much a the next person, I too loved the classic bands of that period but this is 2014 and where i get some like to pay homage to those bands from back in the day and many do it well may i add, bands like this just don’t quite cut it.


Sure the guitar sound is Bolthrower-esque, the melodies have that ” i have heard this somewhere before” feel to it and the pace is mid paced aka Bolthrower / Hypocisy, the production is decent too and the vocals feel right at home albeit a little uninspiring.


I think with a full length and a bit of vision i think Bloodstrike could be a decent band but they need to shake off that 90’s aping of the classic bands of the 90’s.




1. In Death We Rot

2. Skeletal Remains

3. Serpent Son




Holly Wedel – Vocals

Jeff Alexis – Guitars

Joe Piker – Guitars

Rhiannon Wisniewski – Bass

Ryan Alexander Bloom – Drums



Rating: 5 out of 10

~Death Metal Andy

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