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Formed in Denver in 2013, Bloodstrike offers a modern interpretation of an old school death metal sound. Their catchy riffs with straightforward delivery harken back to Sweden’s infamous, early 90s death ‘n’ roll sound while maintaining a 21st century level of aggression. In an age of gratuitous orchestration and unnecessary technicality, a classic riff-driven blast of straight up death metal is just what the world needs. Bloodstrike features some of Colorado’s most experienced metal musicians. Members have held contracts with Belgian label Mausoleum, American label Root of All Evil, and British label Candlelight in addition to playing on numerous independent or underground releases. Bloodstrike is: Holly Wedel – vocals (ex-Nexhymn), Jeff Alexis – guitar (ex-Silencer), Joe Piker – guitar (ex-Dripfed, ex-Clusterfux), Rhiannon Wisniewski – bass (Moth, ex-Somnus, ex-Turambar) and Ryan Alexander Bloom – drums (ex-Havok).


Bloodstrike discography:

Necrobirth demo 2014

Recorded at FireStorm Studios in Lakewood, Colorado

Mixed by Jeff Alexis

Mastered by Patrick Bruss (of Crypticus)


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