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BLOODRED is a “Blackened Death” band from Oberstenfeld (north of Stuttgart, Germany). Since it ́s founding in 2009 the band is the project of Ron Merz who is the songwriter and plays all instruments. The vocals and programming are also done by him. Due to the lack of other musicians in his area Bloodred is currently a pure studio project such as Summoning or Falkenbach.


The music of Bloodred combines influences from Black and Death Metal and mixes it with late 80s Thrash and sometimes (British) Doom. Incorporating melodies and a certain epic feel into the music – like Emperor or Moonsorrow do – is always a key element. The lyrics cover a wide range from diverse literary sources to contemporary events and topics.


In December 2013 and March 2014 the time was right to record the first EP. The recording took place at Mastersound Entertainment Studio by renowned producer and Death Metal veteran Alexander Krull (Atrocity, Leaves ́ Eyes). All drums were played by Joris Nijenhuis (also Atrocity, Leaves ́Eyes). He shows his extraordinary skills in both songs and lifts the music to the next level. The EP “The Lost Ones” was released June 20th 2014.





c/o Ron Merz

Dinkelstr. 3

71720 Oberstenfeld








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