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Blood Stone Sacrifice

Cult Of The Serpent Sun”


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I like to look at an album cover before I listen to a CD to see if the art matches the band. Cult of the Serpent Sun from Massachusetts rockers Blood Stone Sacrifice has Plague Doctors walking through a tomb of skulls so I am good with the cover despite it being a bit cartoony Plague Doctors look wicked. The is a decent little demo. I enjoyed it more on the second listen that the first so it is a grower. The point being I wanted to listen to it again. I get where they are going sonically so my only encouragement is go even further to create that atmosphere black metal so greatly creates. The standout tracks for me were I, Predator and Vermin.




1. Plague of End

2. The Birth of My Vengeance

3. The Cult of the Serpent Sun

4. I, Predator

5. Vermin




Jesse DiGioia – All Instruments/Vocals

Martin Roche – Bass

Brian Banfield – Drums

Jeff Banfield – Vocals



Rating: 7 out of 10

~Alaric Hannibal Barca

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