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Blessed Dead - Sick Human Essence

Blessed Dead is a very rhythmic death metal band hailing from Italy, and although I usually have nothing but praise for the Italian metal scene, Blessed Dead fall a little short on their 2012 EP titled “Sick Human Essence”. This is not a bad EP, but it is hard to find a lot originality within these fairly stock death metal songs. What “Sick Human Essence” does well is provide the listener with an onslaught of familiar but brutal death metal that is well constructed and recorded. The true standout is the twin guitar attack of Ghast and Shon. These two guys rip through these songs with a fierce tenacity supplying the four songs that make up “Sick Human Essence” with a slight smidgen of creative potential that sadly never manages to lift the whole experience to a level higher than standard death metal. There are opening guitar riffs in these songs that show me that this band has the creative ability to inject feelings and meaning into their vicious music. Plus when the band slows things down and let’s the song speak for itself “Sick Human Essence” has its moments where genuine emotion almost manifests, but then dissolves back into ordinary death metal. There are a few aspects of this EP that are brilliant in the moment but leave no lasting impression on the listener once “Sick Human Essence” has ended. Like I said, this is not a bad EP, it just doesn’t push the genre or make any attempt to perfect it. Blessed Dead need to keep expanding on there sound and not be content to just fit in. Death metal bands that are content to fit in usually get forgotten about.




1. Palace of Rupture

2. Mental Collapse

3. Evocation from the Unconscious Void

4. Secret of Resurrection (2012 Version)




Tolo – Bass

Nicko – Drums

Asmodeus Mannaz – Vocals

Deamon – Guitars



Rating: 6.5 out of 10


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