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Spawned in mid 2004, Blaspherian materialized from the twisted minds of Desekrator (vocals) and ex-Imprecation/Infernal Dominion Wes Infernal (guitars). Taking the band name from the word Luciferian, the two felt they were followers of Blasphemy, so Blaspherian seemed to be a fitting name. Hate motivated this unholy union to create the ultimate Brutal Satanic band, with feet firmly planted in the Old School, the two decided to pay homage to their core influences: old Slayer, Possessed, Immolation, Incantation, etc. But at the same time attempt at being the heaviest and most evil death metal band. Summer of 2004 brought the addition of drummer Matt Mayhem (Crusher) who joined at the band’s request. Several months of writing lead to the recording of Blaspherian’s first rehearsal demo in January of 2005. Later that year they recorded the “Summoning of Infernal Hordes” demo. After the release of the 2 demos Blaspherian was ready to enter the studio. The band recorded the track “To Walk the Path of Unrighteousness” for the self released split 7” with Adumus, the first of its kind in Houston!! After a few lineup changes with guitarists and bassists, Blaspherian went in to record the “Allegiance to the will of Damnation” MLP released on Blood Harvest Records. During the same Session Blaspherian also recorded the track for the Evil Incarnate split 7” on Hells Headbangers!! That same year also marked Blaspherian’s first ever live performances. A three day mini tour ensued with the death metal horde Godless Rising. After the shows, Blaspherian again concentrated on writing and led to the unreleased studio recording of the January/2008 promo. In April of that year Blaspherian participated in the “Destroying Texas fest 2” with headliners Morbosidad and Baphomet’s Horns!! This would prove to be Desekrator’s last performance with the band as he decided to leave to pursue his tattooing endeavors! Wishing him the best of luck, Matt Mayhem and Wes Infernal have soldiered on and recruited Apollyon on vocal duties. Blaspherian have been working on and writing new songs lately and are planning on new recordings. A scheduled Split with death metal demons MUTILATED MESSIAH is in the works as well as Blaspherian’s debut full length entitled “Infernal Warriors of Death”. The future only holds great things for Blaspherian. Be prepared to be destroyed by the force of True Death Metal!!

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