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Blackout - Armageddon

Do you like your Thrash to have balls? Do you like it to be quite melodic in delivery? Then Blackout is the band for you!


What we have here is a modern day Thrash by numbers album, not quite up there with the likes of Evile or the last Gamma Bomb but its definitely in that same vein though and quite the romp, the melodic guitar lines have enough bite and venom, the drums are killer, the vocals are more on the shouty side though and this is where the problem lies and they do become a little grating after a while and probably would have been best suited to a hardcore band which really pains me to say because the rest of the band carry this album really well into the realms of Thrash Metal territory. Maybe if they had a more deathly growl to them or even a more Steve ” Zetro” Souza influence to them then this would be a barnstormer of an album and give the album a more harder edge.


Nonetheless this was quite enjoyable with some good songs on offer its definitely worth checking out.




1. On The Brink

2. Burning Empire

3. Fall and Rise

4. Bloody Tears

5. Turn Over

6. Dark Road

7. Taken By The Dark

8. Injustice

9. Face The Demon

10. Spiteful Ambitions




Sylvain – Guitars/Vocals

Kenny – Bass/2nd Vocals

Alex – Guitars

Vad – Drums



Rating: 6 out of 10 (Only because the vocals killed the album for me)

~Death Metal Andy

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