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Black Light Bringer was born in Chile during the winter of 2010 in the hands of Edo Regicider and Mantus, ex members of Nergal, a black metal band from La Serena, with the intention of creating and improving the music quality of in their previous band.

After some compositions and with the help of musicians from other bands, Black Light Bringer had many shows with important Chilean bands such as Kythrone, Melektaus, Animus Mortis, WildesHeer, etc. After some time had passed, Mantus had to stay focused on other aspects of his life, priorities that forced him to leave Black Light Bringer behind. That transformed Black Light Bringer into a one man band leaded by Regicider, who then decided to discard Mantus’ compositions. Besides composing all the music (2 guitars, bass, drums, lyrics and voices), Regicider became part of Kythrone (an old school black metal band) as a guitar player, until he left Kythrone in April 2013. He had to take matters into his own hands, and grabbing the bull by the horns, he finished the songs for his first album, not long before that, Defiler appeared into scene, a low profile but amazing guitar player, who improved the compositions, becoming an essential member of Black Light Bringer. After a few months Black Light Bringer was ready for the stage and in December 2013 entered the studio to record its first album titled “Thorns in our Flesh”. The band is now looking for a record label.


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