Black Ink Sun Review

Black Ink Sun

Take the Fall

4 Track E.P

Released 28th September 2015

Reviewed By: Pagan Hel

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Black Ink Sun – Northampton



Genre: Metal


“Born from the beautiful scenery of Northampton UK in 2009, this 5 piece metal band, was originally formed under the name “Renegades” by guitarist Leigh. Later during 2010, a chance encounter with Ross, the drummer, lead him to joining the band and brought on the re-branding and redirection of Black Ink Sun. The core sound became much heavier with the addition of Ross and the sound began to evolve.

BIS Band

2014 saw the release of the first E.P, The Stench of Perversion, which featured skull crushing riffs, complex bass lines, and pounding beats. The band had found its sound. A music video was also shot for the single ‘When Heaven Burns’. Also this lead to some changes within the line up with Aaron joining on Guitar in August and Brian joining on Bass in November. The technical ability brought to the table by these new members allowed the sound to further develop and refine itself.


2015 saw the start of a new chapter for Black Ink Sun, with the arrival of new vocalist, Jamie. The lyrical direction took on a sharper, more direct approach and themes then began to form, knitting the songs even closer together.

The band’s second E.P, Take the Fall, has now been released and marks another huge step in the bands ongoing evolution…!”


Take the fall literally erupts with a steely vengeance, as the music parades around and shows off its talents, swiftly taking charge and thrusting a slab of metal riffage right in your mush! The vocals are simply seething with vehemence and more than graze the ears as they soar way past the aural! The bass lures with intent while the hasty beats dissipate through a magnetic haze that draws you into their mighty void.

Land of the Faithless propels you into a ravenous backdrop of feisty beats and throaty vocal seething. With ample groove for the taking, its melodic prowess entices as it drags you into a sonic scything of minds that just forges a swirling ambiance between you and insanity.

Reclamation is a putrid intoxicating encounter that infests the moment you start listening. Its slices of groove literally amputate the ears from the head in an attempt to make you sit up and take notice. The meatier drum beats pick up further energy while the guitar riffs take on a hunger that means certain voracity must follow.

Bloodletter with utter relish this track squeezes the life from its perpendicular structures that soar beyond the skies, enveloping in a certain gorging that is bound to bring on instant overkill.



You can hear it now…  the sizzle and burn qualities as they connect with the ears through speakers that shudder against the sheer velocity contained within each track.


The pumping of rhythms fall against their own weight in a bid to escape their confines but of course for this kind of metal there are no holds barred, they are simply removed like the ears of an all-in wrestler on speed with a contest to win.


The vocals are demanding and musters up a demonic fulfillment with each breath that is more rabid than the last.


The tracks contained (just about) on this E.P instantly bursting with feverish zeal and commitment. Nothing is too much trouble for these guys and it shows! Unleashing its prime evil lust and forging through a corrosive hypnotic melody is really something else!


This is one powerfully energetic stride that brushes shoulders with certain hellacious textures leaving one salivating over the proceedings.


The rampant turmoil is uncompromising and forthright, demanding attention while at the same time seeking a magnetic urgency in its creative breath but not before unlocking its perpetual shifting madness that infects the mind and holds no cure!


One superb E.P that deserves attention, so get your aural (g) ears around this and fast!




Track List:

Take the fall

Land of the Faithless





Jamie – Vocals

Leigh – Guitar

Aaron – Guitar

Ross – Drums

Brian – Bass

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