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Black Crow King - To Pay The Debt Of Nature

Black Crow King is apparently a one man project and the person behind this project remains a mystery as their official facebook and myspace pages list no names for members or country of origin even. What I can tell you is that To Pay The Debt Of Nature is their debut release out now on the indie record label badGod music. I have listened to this thing and it is 6 very long tracks ( 8 to 12 minutes each) of very down tempo experimental doom/black metal. Not a very upbeat record I can tell you it crawls along at a snails pace with lots of distorted noise, industrial Trent Reznor sounding background music but without the drum machines. The vocals are straight up black as black metal can get but the background music is so slow and trippy that its very hard to get in to. It would probably be some good music to play in a really dark and creepy walk through haunted house or some music that would induce a very very bad acid trip, lol. Can’t say I really enjoyed this one but If they would speed things up a bit or add some regular song structure with more distorted guitars then there would be something to grab my attention but as it is in this stage of the mystery person or person’s procect, if I were you I would pass this one up unless you are just a glutton for punishment or want something to listen to while performing some bloody black mass ritual.


1. I, Crow

2. The Shadow Falls

3. Vengeance

4. Grotesque Existence

5. Crowbait

6. Excarnation Ritual


Corvus – Vocals/Guitars/Bass/Drums/Keyboards

Rating: 3 out of 10

~Soul Torn Down

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