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I Blame You”


Birth A.D. - I Blame You

First off this to me is punk. Post punk? Nah. Hardcore? Nope. Municipal Waste? Not really. S.O.D. lite, yep with a dash of D.R.I. The vocals though, if this is meant to be funny, are awesome, this guy sounds great but way too happy to be making social protest. But this is really listenable fun and has unbelievable energy. 18 tracks and all are solid. I really really like Bring Back The Draft, Short Bus Society. I will forgive them for making me think about politics and people. I listen to music to forget about these abysmal plebeian sycophants and their governing chimera. If you want to hear about how fucked things are but delivered in fun, livey, dynamic songs this really is the way to go.




1. Mission Statement

2. Equal Opportunity

3. Burn L.A.

4. Failed State

5. Bring Back the Draft

6. This Scene Sucks

7. Violent Retribution

8. No, Man

9. I Blame You

10. Short Bus Society

11. Wrong Again

12. Fill in the Blank

13. Kill Everybody

14. No Jobs (Don’t Work)

15. Cause Problems

16. Parasites Die

17. Popular War

18. Blow Up Embassy (Fearless Iranians from Hell cover)




Jeff Tandy – Bass/Vocals

Brian Morrison – Guitars

Kevin Elrod – Drums



Rating: 8 out of 10 

~Alaric Hannibal Barca

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