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Birds in Row - Cottbus

The intro for this release struck me immediately, with a haunting ambiance, raw production, and intriguing background sound. Then, half-way, it hit me like a fist in my face. The hardcore-punk sound is definitely there where is also blended with a good dose of unforgiving metal. It still shows a certain level of minimalism which does not overwhelm the listener. The second track is short, fast and wild, with the third offering more versatility and skill, which pleases the listener for showing what the band is capable of. I’m particularly impressed by the 6th track – a kid called dreamer, it swings beautifully from punk to metal tones in a way I didn’t quite hear before. The outro is reminiscent of the first track, recorded sound which again creates quite an ambiance wrapping the guitar strums and the vocal in a soothing manner.


Overall the release is quite varied and each song has a soul of its own. It has an easy start preparing you for what’s to come and an easy end to rest you after the assault of everything in between. It’s a pity really that this release is poorly produced, it could have squeezed out so much more if it actually was a bit more polished.


There is too much rumble in the guitars, the percussion is sometimes inaudible and the vocals are over driven in volume at point (but I feel that’s on purpose, and I do sort of like it). But as an EP from a few years back, I reckon they might have moved up in that category.


I am particularly attracted by the album cover, or rather by its minimalism. No logo, no title, no fancy graphics or photoshop, just a simple drawing. Could be the result of a low budget release but I think it does the EP’s sentiment enough justice. Simply put, I like it. Don’t know what to make of the title Cottbus. Nothing I researched provided me with a connection I can think of, not that it matters, a band calls its release what it wants.


Will I listen to it again? Certainly, I can even get over the raw sound it emanates. I believe these guys already went a bit up within the rock/metal scene, and I can see why with such an album.


Best track is #3




1. Among The Ashes

2. Colossus

3. Words Of Astaroth

4. The Ace Of Fools

5. Chat Noir

6. A Kid Called Dreamer

7. Outro




B. / T. / Q.



Rating: 7.5 out of 10


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