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Beyond Mortality - Infected Life

There are people who pigeonhole metal and say it all sounds the same, and perhaps if you don’t listen to it, it may. While I grew to like Infected life, for which I had to listen to it several times to really get a grasp on it, it was part of the production that distracted me from solid guitars and the heavy thrash rhythms that are interlaced. This is a heavy album but the ‘tinny” sound of the drummers crash together with the studio effects on the vocals early on gave me a challenge to surpass but once I did I heard a solid well written album from a band that has done quite a few demos up to this point to refine and define their sound. While they do not sound like Exodus they have that same kind of thrashy grindy songs with lots of  change ups like on Shovel Headed Kill Machine and after. This is a good CD to jam in the car, Aborted and Exhumed Remains were standouts for me. Sometimes you have to give a CD a chance, or even a band, a quick listen on youtube doesn’t always paint the best picture.




1. The Beyond

2. Demand a Sacrifice

3. Aborted

4. Broken Souls

5. Infected Life

6. Born for the Grave

7. Man Made God

8. Exhumed Remains

9. Suffocation by Fear

10. Final Order

11. Plaguebearer

12. Fill My Ranks




Wallette – Drums

Ari – Lead Guitars

Johan – Vocals

Tobbe – Vocals/Guitars

Gustav – Bass



Rating: 8 out of 10

~Alaric Hannibal Barca

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