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Visions of the Scourge”


Begrime Exemious - Visions of the Scourge

Raw, Aggressive, Relentless and most important vomitous to all things holy. I love this. As an artist this exactly the type of album I want to listen to while painting, drawing etc. Their lyrics are awesome and violent, especially Vengeance Bestowed where a bearer of Satan’s rage storms heaven is pleasured by lustful angels before he destroys them and their sacred home. Nice, I let this one play over and over. My other stand out track is Sacrament of Virgin Flesh. If you love demonic vocals, brutal relentless songs that are not washed down by overproducing and being castratel by pro tools, then pick this up fast. For repeat playability and brutality.




1. Incestuous Servitude

2. Oath of Impiety

3. Chasm to Obscurity

4. The Vault of Ancient Bone & Poison Saliva

5. Perverted Decadence Churning

6. Sacrament of Virgin Flesh

7. Vengeance Bestowed

8. Pelic of Befouled Incantations




D. Orthner – Guitars

L. Norland – Drums

F. Thibaudeau – Guitars

B. Leland – Vocals

T. McClelland – Bass



Rating: 10 out of 10

~Alaric Hannibal Barca

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