Basement Torture Killings Review

Basement Torture Killings

There’s something about Beryl

11 Track Album

Grind Scene Records

Imperative PR

Release Date: 7th April 2017

By: Pagan Hel

Basement Torture Killings – Basements UK


Genre: Snuff Grind




“Some music was meant to stay underground, or so the saying goes – and some music was meant to stay in a filthy basement, knee-deep in gore, knitting a new pair of socks with someone’s entrails. Welcome to the deranged world of Basement Torture Killings…

The original line-up of BTK first escaped from their asylums, secure units and maximum security prisons back in 2007. They were drawn together by fate and stayed together due to their mutual interest in death metal, grindcore and killing. They evaded capture long enough to record a demo, an EP and two albums, The Second Cumming, which was released through Arcane Productions in 2011 and the hellish A Night Of Brutal Torture, unleashed by Grind scene Records in 2014.

Sadly, while touring in support of that monstrous album, only guitarist Tarquin was sufficiently careful when disposing of the leftovers from his ‘extracurricular activities’, the rest of the band falling prey to the ever zealous police. Tarquin was left to stalk the sewers and cesspits of the world, searching through the ranks of the sick and psychotic for those gifted enough to continue his crusade of metal and barbarity. Eventually, he found them…Dr. Krauss, an unlicensed ‘surgeon’ with a bloodlust to match his bass playing. Faceless Killer, a barely controllable beast, only content when battering and bruising drum skins or human skin. And Beryl…wide eyed but far from innocent and perhaps the only creature capable of making her bestial band mates uneasy and uncomfortable. Yes, there’s definitely something about Beryl…

So what better title for the latest album from Basement Torture Killings? There’s something about Beryl takes not only the madness to new levels but the sheer musicality as well. Conscienceless monsters they most certainly are, but BTK can play! You won’t hear a more intense, more terrifyingly convincing slab of death or grind anywhere. Tarquin’s solos tear through these songs like power tools through flesh, the onslaught of the bass and drums is utterly overwhelming and then there’s Beryl – a chilling presence of unfathomable inhumanity and sadistic cruelty, repulsive and yet compellingly enticing. This album is a sickness, as infectious as the plague. This band are unnerving, dangerous and addictive!”


Being a Grind enthusiast it is pretty obvious I am going to love every sordid track on this album, despite not being into gore in horror movies and yes it is a true fact, but music is far different you can see what you want to see when listening to BTK although hearing is quite another matter entirely!

The Grind is a speciality that is best served with a human side salad, as the tracks are over in a few minutes sometimes seconds but the potency is rather strong! Being in attendance to some Live Grind Core you witness the brutality in musical form so potentially it is a musical of sorts but don’t expect butterflies and cute little creatures cos it won’t be happening.

The mere thought of Beryl makes me think back to Rillingdon Place where Reg Christie went on a killing spree and blamed poor Tim Evans for his wrong and evil doings, killing Tim’s wife Beryl and afterwards screwing and strangling her and then moving on to their baby daughter. So maybe this Beryl is a reincarnation and she has come back to seek her revenge!

These tracks seem to be a good length and not the typical 15-second flit into obscurity, which is good and allows you to get into the music a lot quicker. The vocals make these tracks what they are raw, powerful, and grizzly, although the music helps too and it couldn’t be more obnoxious than this for sure.

It is amazing a number of people who say “Oh, I can’t get into extreme metal!” I can understand to a certain degree as it took me long enough to get into thrash – 20 years in fact, however, now I am a convert, it is just a case of opening your ears to other things and excepting them, if you can do that then you broaden your horizons tenfold.

I can’t imagine anything more compelling than a raw low toned growl and a high pitched squeal, throw in a few pig squeals and a few grunts – hook them up to some electric riffs, strong bass and feet that are glued to a bass pedal and off I go into my own little world of debauchery and not a drop of blood is spilt, apart from the audial spatter, which happens regularly after listening to grind. It’s a given.

The samples are just as compelling as the powerful raucous growls that add to the mystery of a track as on Necrophiled and Cannibalised – you can’t hear the words so well, so the samples allow you in on the secret and yes it is totally bizarre and grizzly but so entertaining and addictive too!

Makes me wonder when we are all in old folks homes how would you explain what music you liked back in the day when describing extreme metal? Makes you think, doesn’t it? Or maybe not! But I think it would be quite funny, and just my twisted sense of humour. I mean how you would describe this album, or band to someone would be so difficult it probably exceeds the theory of relativity or rocket science, to put it mildly – and nothing would do the band justice for sure no matter how endearing the words were.

But for all the faint hearted out there who can’t do extreme metal go back to your Country and Western and give this a miss for your own sake because your heart would never stand up to the ferocity this album puts you through. The mosh pits are dangerous enough although friendly despite what it looks like, but to be at a live grind gig is something else…. In the words of Disturbed “Open up your hate and let it flow into me!” How disturbing you find the music depends on what genre you like the most, I prefer meat on the bone so I can tear it off in chunks once I have filed my teeth to clean every morsel of meat from it, you, on the other hand may just prefer your salad green! But each to their own!

It is rather disturbing that the band have put as their hometown ‘Basements UK’ so for safeties sake make sure you don’t leave your basement door unlocked or you just might come across some sick fuckers who are in your basement and enjoy going on killing sprees. Brings a new meaning to the word ‘SPLIT’ doesn’t it? Sleep tight!







On a Mountain Road

There’s something about Beryl

The story of T

The Rat Catcher

The Taxi Driver

Shit Carcass

Necrophiled and Cannibalised

The Butcher of Smithfield

Abduction Torture Snuff Porn


Herr Krauss, Arzt des Todes




Tarquin – Guitars & Vocals

Dr Krauss – Bass

Faceless Killer – Drums

Beryl – Vocals

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