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Barbarian Prophecies - XIII

I once read that Jimmy Page put an amp in a toilet to get a specific tone, and while I can not remember what album, the point is that the simplicity of technology has homogenized the sound of a great deal of today’s music. So it is up to songwriters to create riffs melodies that draw a jaded audience in. In the case of Barbarian Prophecies I am happy to say that there thrashy riff laden songs a very listenable. While I may feel victimized by the digital age here the quality of the production allows me to hear with distinction the quality of the guitar work. XIII is an album heavy with syncopation and changes. Even a song like 9 Days Of Storm which is what I consider a slow song is really enjoyable. 


The are super strong, a growling death metal rasp that doesn’t try flash range but uses it musically in vocal doubling. 


There is a nice technical drum style but that is not overdone, and reminds me at times of Portnoy, if he perhaps joined a Death Metal outfit instead of pandering commercial failures musically. Ha Ha


Punishment of Oblivion and Towards Nowhere were stand out track for me but the whole album is a solid listen. I RECOMMEND listen and perhaps even buy on this one.




1. The Hidden

2. Anger

3. Towards Nowhere

4. Into the Infinite Void

5. Twilight of Mankind

6. Embrace of Insanity

7. Dreadful Game

8. Nameless Shadows

9. Punishment of Oblivion

10. Defeated

11. 9 Days of Storm

12. Engulfed

13. XIII



Óscar Besteiro-Guitars/Vocals
Manuel Riguera -Bass
Julio G. Valladares-Drums
Arnt Bünz-Lead Guitars
Xavier Lovelle -Vocals



Rating: 8 out of 10

~Alaric Hannibal Barca

Barbarian Prophecies

Remember The Fallen”


Barbarian Prophecies cover

Remember The Fallen is the second full-length album released by Spanish death metal band Barbarian Prophecies. A metal band that sounds like they pulled their name out of the “name a death metal band” hat, but don’t let the uncreative name fool you, this album is seriously good. Remember The Fallen was released in 2011; it was the second of three full-length albums put out by this band. This band is hard to categorize. At first they seem like maybe a progressive death metal band, but when you really listen to them, the almost have more of a black metal feeling. Progressive death metal with black metal overtones is a recipe for awesome. This is a very strong album. The whole thing is packed full of creative guitar work and deep emotions. This band can change their musical direction flawlessly and every moment of every song has a purpose. Singer Kike Rodriguez has a powerful and commanding voice, but never strays away from death metal vox. It would have been nice if he had changed styles with the flow of the music, but it is really not a big deal. He is very effective either way. My only real grip with this record is it is a little too dense. Nine songs at over an hour run-time this is a long, emotionally heavy album that takes commitment to really sit down and enjoy. I admit this record grabbed me at first, but it is emotionally exhausting to sit through this whole thing. That being said, this is a very good record. There is a ton of imaginative song writing the whole way through. This album never becomes boring. It is full of tricky changes, and headbanging groves. Just be prepared to be emotionally drained by the end.




1. Rotten Under the Stones

2. Remember the Fallen

3. Baptized by Wolves

4. Voices from Beyond

5. Hunter for Hunters

6. Lost Souls

7. Neverending Winter

8. Frozen Winds

9. The Tomb




Óscar Besteiro – Guitars/Vocals

Manuel Riguera – Bass

Julio G. Valladares – Drums

Arnt Bünz – Lead Guitar

Alicia -Vocals

Oscar Insua jumpin’ – Guitars (Guest collaborator)



Rating: 7.5 out of 10


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