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The band’s history begins in Lugo (Spain) in 2000, when several members of two local bands, for various reasons, decided together to create Barbarian Prophecies. The two groups were Barbarianth (Death Metal) and Venomous Prophecies (Black Metal) and hence the name of the new project.


The first line was composed by Oscar (guitar), Claudio (guitar), Adrian (bass), Daniel (drums) and Tout (vocals). Such training would be the one after, in 2002, would record their first demo CD-R titled “Conquerors of the Wolfthrone” which consisted of six items fast and aggressive Death / Black Metal. The work included as extras Self in mp3, official video clip of the song “Supreme Vampire” and information about the band.


After a good season of concerts and promotional work first began to take shape which would be the second official working group, which would in 2004 under the name “War is imminent.”This album would be self-released on CD career, which was well received both locally and nationally, even outside the country. This time consisted of seven tracks, with a style that this time would tend more to the mix of different styles, with a reprint of an earlier theme of the album plus a live recording of the song “Machiavellian” from Canadian band Kataklysm. Other than that, the CD included both jobs as extras so far in mp3 and the two official videos of the band, along with information and images of the group.


After a while the second recording the group still strutting their stuff live at the same time projecting the next study session. The recording will only take a little longer than planned, but the group, which had already suffered a decline in their ranks, begins to have various problems that lead to the formation low and start experiencing more serious changes. This, among other inconveniences several forces the group to be significantly delayed the publication of material that was already recorded. Therefore, home editing format promotional CD-R titled “War Promo 2007” with the intention of going to show the public what would come next. The promotion consisted of three topics for the next album, “Condemned Land, The War Begins.”


Finally, the new work is published through the label Asturian RALM Records in 2009.


Barbarian Prophecies releases his new album titled “Remember the Fallen”, recorded and mixed at Sadman Studios prolific (Madrid) by Carlos Santos (The Ego, stroke, Hybrid …) and mastered by Mika Jussila at Finnvox Studios Helsinki (Amorphis, Children of Bodom, Impaled Nazarene, Therion …)


After more than 10 years in the underground scene and several lineup changes, Barbarian Prophecies show their full potential in 9 tracks of pure Death Metal, which you can see influences from the more classical side of the genre, both American and European .


“Remember the Fallen” has also had, with special guest Oscar Insua “Jumpin ‘, guitar founder of one of the first Death Metal band in Spain” Absorbed “.


The limited edition digipack will include exclusive artwork by illustrator Jose Maria Picon and a bonus track.






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