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Bane - The Acausal Fire

First of I love the name Bane, not because of Batman’s adversary now made benign by treacherous movie incarnations but like Bane of existence. I knew I was going to love this even before I heard it. The vocals are powerful, and though they do not sound alike, Branislav Panić is more modern Black Metal, I thought of Glen Benton quite a bit. A real icing on the cake, was the song Light The Black Flame, I can not be sure but I believe the title is a reference to the first “real church” and there legendary publication. The lyrics reflect this instead or contradict this assumption. Now onto the highlights As Chaos Rises is the first song to stand out with it’s dissonant tortured choir, The Truth Unleashed really keeps the albums pace going and ending with the strongest and most brutal sounding track Night’s Blood. There have been times when I have forgotten to mention the lyrics, but these are definitely worth checking out. If you are not aware of the violent and unstable, also beautiful and historic, country of Serbia check out Serbian Film, written as a metaphor of the Serbian struggle you can see an origin of the world view expressed throughout the CD. I think The Acausal Fire deserves multiple listens.




1. Bringing Forth the Endless Dark Aeon

2. The End of Humanity

3. In Endless Silence

4. As Chaos Rises

5. Light the Black Flame

6. The Truth Unleashed

7. World of Desolation

8. Existence in Denial

9. Entering the Paradoxical Sphere

10. Night’s Blood (Dissection cover)




Branislav Panic – Vocals/Guitars

Eddy – Bass/Backing Vocals

Max Allard – Guitars/Backing Vocals



Rating: 10 out of 10


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