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Balthorum is a horde of black metal formed in May 2011 in the city of Altamira Pará with purpose of touching a raw and aggressive black metal covering topics such as anti-Christianity, Satanism and death.


With influences from Sarcófago, Venom, Bathory, Hellhammer, Impurity, Enthroned, Darkthrone, Mayhem (Old) Nargaroth, Azaghal, Carpathian Forest, Dark Funeral, among others. With members Pervertor (vocals), HellFire (guitar), Demogorgon (drums) and Storm (bass) came to perform at local events important to the rise of the banda. Storm for personal reasons decided to leave the horde, then was replaced by Mantus that after presenting the 1st fest brutal left the horde that follows theLooking for a bassist but is already preparing a demo that will be released soon.


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