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Azazel hailing from South Florida was formed in April of 1999 when Xul (ex-Devoured by Darkness) and Xaphan (Church of Satan/ex-Coprophagia) decided to call it quits to their side projects. At this time along with Beleth on drums Azazel begun rehearsing the six songs they had for their self-release debut “Order of the Fly”. After a few weeks, Beleth left the band due to prior commitments and was replace by Von. As this line up Azazel went into the studio in July 1999 and recorded their independent/self release MCD “Order of the Fly”. For Milwaukee Metalfest one hundred promos titled “Forever Heaven Gone” consisting of two songs from “Order of the Fly” were distributed and received good response and zine interest. Since the release of the MCD in August the band has seen excellent reviews in zines worldwide as well as airplay on metal radio shows across the United States. In September of ’99 the band went back into the studio, with Gus Rios of Sickness on drums to record Mayhem’s “Chainsaw Gutsfuck” for the Mayhem tribute “Reges Mortis Aeterni” which is scheduled to be released in the spring of 2000 as well as the Azazel/Krieg split which will be released and funded by both bands. For a short time period Mortis replaced Von on drums but this was short lived and soon was replaced by new drummer Hellspawn. Azazel will also be featured on the Lost Disciple Records comp. entitled “Visionaries of the Macabre Vol. 2 comp – An Evil Elite” which will consist of 15 elite US Black Metal bands as well as the “Unholy Blood” compilation put out by Mormo of Intrudium.

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