Azazel is a new Black Metal band from Florida. Xaphan and Xul took the time to answer some questions for me. Read on to find out more about this Black Metal band, as they are one of the future hopefuls of the scene. Also, be sure to order their CD entitled Order of the Fly.




*Interview conducted by Azazel*



Azazel: How are you guys doing?

Xaphan: Great.

Xul: Good.



Azazel: Tell how the band got together, and what you all do?

Xul: I did a CD on a four track hoping to form a band from it and ran into Xaphan who was doing the same thing at the time.

Xaphan: Yeah, I met Xul one day, and we both had the same interest in the music and we were both doing our stuff with drum machines and at the time I was sick of the programming and wanted to form a band consisting of more than myself, out of it came the creation of Azazel. I play guitar and do vocals at times.

Xul: Bass and vocals.



Azazel: I’ve heard the 2 mp3’s on the site, and thought they were good. Do you plan on recording them on a demo?

Xul: Right now we are in the process of recording a 6 song demo called Order of the Fly with our drummer Von.



Azazel: When will it be out?

Xaphan: It will be out by the beginning of July (out by the time you read this. -Azazel).



Azazel: Have you done show’s recently? Anymore coming up?

Xaphan: We have done 2 shows to date and have many more coming up in July along with a 4-day mini tour in Florida. The response has been great considering there aren’t any but a few black metal bands here in South Florida.

Xul: And a few more booked for August.



Azazel: That was my next question. How do you feel the scene is as a whole? I find to many bands popping up with no originality?

Xul: In South Florida the scene is like a soap opera. All the bands are petty and cant take criticism. There are a couple bands around here that are good…ex) Black Winters Eve, Hibernus Mortis, and just some good heavy bands like Death Becomes You, Down Syndrome, and SkinBound. As a whole I think it is coming together again and should be strong again in the near future.

Xaphan: I agree a lot with Xul on the South Florida scene but as the black metal scene as a whole in the US they are only a handful that I consider with originality, such as Hibernus Mortis, Black Winters Eve, Thornspawn, Vukodlak, Ancestor, and Krieg. I think there will always be those bands that can’t be original and will only be clones because that is what makes bands like us elite and it is up to the US black metal hordes to keep the flame alive!



Azazel: Totally agreed. But what do you think of Gothic black metal?

Xaphan: Gothic and metal should not be mixed. I see it as absurd and trendy and wish to have no part in it.

Xul: What is considered Gothic black metal?



Azazel: Cradle Of Filth, Dimmu Borgir, bands like that.

Xul: Personally, I enjoy old Cradle of Filth, and Dimmu Borgir. I think the new Dimmu is great but the new Cradle lacks a lot. Whether it’s Black metal or something different, if it’s good, it’s good. I know a lot of people don’t agree with me because of some reason or another, but I can’t help taste.



Azazel: I also find the wrong bands getting signed. It’s also a case of how the American public will buy black metal whether it’s good or not. Do you agree with that?

Xaphan: I think that it’s a case of the labels just signing bands because they are considered black metal and not knowing what black metal really consists of or sounds like. If they want to sign a band they need to sign AZAZEL!!



Azazel: Well most labels are just signing bands to make money.

Xaphan: I agree with the label comment, but is there really any money to be made in BM? If your doing it for the money you are no different than these poser ass bands that you hear on top 40 radio.



Azazel: I think we know who is doing it from the heart, and who’s doing it for their wallets.

Xaphan: Music is ritual to me, I play and write to unleash feelings and creativity that are inside, that comes from the heart.

Xul: We both agree.

Xaphan: We definitely know who’s doing it for the wallet.



Azazel: I do too, ha ha.

Xaphan & Xul: (Both laugh)-Ha ha!



Azazel: Want to mention their names?

Xaphan: It’s pretty obvious with out having to mention names.



Azazel: That is true. Who would you say the best bands are today in both death and black metal?

Xul: Cryptopsy, Gorgoroth, the new Mayhem shit is killer, Immolation, Kataklysm was good until 2 years ago, Marduk the list can go on and on. I will admit there are many great national acts as a whole.

Xaphan: I don’t listen to a lot of death metal but I did enjoy the last Malevolent Creation CD. As far as black metal goes Darkthrone, Venom, Destruction and Hellhammer/Celtic Frost will always be gods. Newer bands would be Setherial, Marduk, Summon and I could go on and on.



Azazel: Are you friends with any of the major bands like Morbid Angel and such?

Xaphan: I am good friends with Tom and Rob of Incantation and the guys in Malevolent Creation. I have also met a lot of others such as yourself and to many others to name on the Internet.

Xaphan: Hello?



Azazel: Oh I thought Xul was going to say something, sorry.

Xaphan: Xul has no friends.

Azazel: Hahaha.

Xaphan: Hahaha.



Azazel: Well guys, I’m out of questions for now. I want to thank you for the interview. Any last comments? The floor is open just for you.

Xul: Thanks for the interview, we appreciate anyone who is helping us get our name out. Look for the MCD out in the next month. Hail Azazel, Hail Satan.

Xaphan: Yes thanks for the interview! Everyone interested in obtaining a MCD or any other merchandise when available can contact me at, and should check out our website at I’d also like to give a mighty hail to all our black metal brothers in the US and Europe. We shall set the heavens ablaze once again! Hail Satan!



Recent updates since this interview:

Hellspawn has replaced Von on drums.

Azazel will be appearing on the Mayhem tribute Reges Mortis Aeterni” album with the song, “Chainsaw Gutsfuck”

Azazel will be appearing on the Visions Of The Macabre Vol. 2-An Evil Elite Compilation from Lost Disciple Records

Azazel will be releasing a split CD with the band Krieg in March of 2000. The CD will be funded and self financed by both bands.



*Noted the has since changed name from Azazel to Kult ov Azazel*


Azazel - Band

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