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While reviewing Averse Concept I am going to mention 2 bands that are nothing like Averse Concept but comparable for good reason. Ghost and Queensryche, while musically they share very little, there is an attempt to evolve from traditional Black Metal and they get into a Gothic arena of music. I believe they want the listener to share a mood that appears to be about death and loss. The 3rd track Resigned Devotion does owe a bit to Queensryche hidden by the garage band sound recording but still the sort of guitar rhythms you would find on Rage For Order. Which is a gothic sounding album indeed for the genre and the time period. The vocals, which are good are what pulls this to the Black Metal genre and ties it all together in that fashion. At the end of Desolate Alleviate the singer drags his vocals low at the end and there I believe is his real strength. At the very end of the album they have place what I consider there strongest song Clouded Recovery, it appears that progressive metal groups have a hand in their song writing. The guitar has a real Petrucci feel that is recognizable. I would say that if they develop their ideas and sound from this track they are really going get a strong following. Will Gothic Death Black Metal be a new trend?  While the second half of Welcome to the Trance dragged, the  CD got better and better.




1. Grey Skies

2. Welcome to the Trance

3. Resigned Devotion

4. Desolate Alleviate

5. Clouded Recovery







P. Lujan – Drums

A. Farace – Vocals/Guitars/Bass



Rating: 8 out of 10


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